NOTA's VaBiNOx face mask insert is a time-release chemical sachet that delivers on-demand NO to treat and/or prevent COVID-19 and other respiratory viral and bacterial infections.


Our sinus rinse solution uses a nitric oxide donor molecule to deliver nitric oxide into the sinuses to treat sinusitis as well as viral infections.

Open Heart Surgery

NOGEN is an electrochemical based system that provides high volume nitric oxide for use as a sweep gas during open heart surgery for the prevention of thrombosis and SIRS.

For investigational use only. Products are not available for commercial sale

At Home...COPD

LANOR is a compact UV-LED based technology that converts a solid nitric oxide donor molecule using light energy.

Catheter Infections

Our catheter lock solution delivers NO inside the catheter walls to prevent microbial growth and clotting in the catheter line.