NOTA Laboratories

Malcolm Kahn



NOTA Laboratories developing Face Mask and Nose Pillow to treat viral and bacterial infections including flu & COVID-19

Ann Arbor, MI - March 16, 2020

NOTA Laboratories, a startup company spun out from the University of Michigan, is developing a face mask insert to protect individuals against viral and bacterial pathogens, and to treat viral and bacterial infections. This inexpensive insert uses a proprietary solid-phase nitric oxide (NO) generating material that can be placed into most any face mask.

NOTA has also developed proprietary powder chemistry to generate a measured volume of NO gas when mixed with water. The solution can be placed into a nose pillow from which the NO is inhaled.


NO is a signaling molecule produced by a variety of cells in the human body, including cells of our sinuses, lungs and immune system, to help prevent and fight off infection. Inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) is currently FDA approved to improve blood flow in the lungs and has been shown to be effective against SARS, a coronavirus, the regular flu and pneumonia. There is active clinical research being performed around the world to test the efficacy of iNO for treating COVID-19 infection. 


In hospitals, iNO treatment uses tanks of nitric oxide gas that is very expensive and not practical for use by ambulatory patients or the general public. The NOTA face mask insert would be used by a person for several hours a day over multiple days to kill infections in the early stage before they reach the lungs and overwhelm the body’s natural immune response. Dr. Mark Meyerhoff, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Michigan and Chief Technology Officer of NOTA, believes that '"...while nitric oxide has broad applicability in fighting infections, it has not yet been successfully harnessed to do so. The solid-phase approach would allow physicians to prescribe a solution that should cost under $10 and be usable at home or on the go.”


NOTA is in the process of raising money to fund additional clinical trials and to get a product to market quickly.