Unlike most products offered in the market today which only provide temporary symptom relief for sinus infections, NOTA has developed a novel approach using natural therapeutic agents to specifically target bacteria biofilm.

Leveraging patented technologies developed in conjunction with the University of Michigan, NOTA Laboratories is developing a treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS). Research has shown that many individuals suffering from CRS exhibit decreased nitric oxide concentrations in their sinuses. Nitric oxide is a potent and natural antimicrobial molecule that healthy individuals produce at high levels in their sinuses as part of our innate immune systems. When mixed with water and squirted into the sinuses, this proprietary chemical compound generates safe and effective levels of NO to augment the body's own production. In addition, NO is also able to breakup biofilms that typically prevent antibiotic therapy from being effective, making it an ideal combined therapy for this stubborn infection.

For Investigational Use Only. Product is not commercially available.

Products are for investigational use only and are not yet commercially available