Nitric Oxide (NO) Generating Face Mask and Nose Pillow to Treat Viral and Bacterial Infections Including Flu & COVID-19

NOTA Laboratories is a device/therapeutics company focused on low-cost nitric oxide (NO) generating systems. NO is a highly reactive free radical that is produced endogenously in our respiratory and circulatory systems. It is a critical component of the body’s immune system in fighting viral, bacterial and fungal infections and is also a vasodilator.

Nitric Oxide’s Medical Use and Safety: Inhaled NO (iNO) has been shown to be safe at up to 160 ppm and is already FDA approved for treating pulmonary hypertension in neonates. Studies in Sweden and China have demonstrated that iNO is an effective broadspectrum bactericide and virucide, including its ability to kill SARS coronavirus. The FDA has also approved 4-sets of clinical trials for COVID-19 treatment by iNO therapy at 20ppm for multiple days of treatment in the hospital setting. Massachusetts General Hospital is also testing iNO’s effectiveness as a prophylactic agent for healthcare workers who breathe the gas at the beginning and end of each hospital work shift to prevent them from
getting infected. Other clinical trials are evaluating iNO for patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis and other pulmonary diseases.

For more information call Malcolm Kahn,, (201) 615-5766

iNO Generating Chemistries:
NOTA has developed proprietary time-release chemistry that can generate iNO in a design range of 0.5-3 hours at concentrations from 1-50 ppm. 
The compound is packaged into a small pouch and placed into a face mask compartment as pictured below. The chemistry is activated by the wearer’s exhaled humid
breath, which in turn releases the iNO for subsequent inhalation during normal respiration.

NOTA proprietary chemistry can also be dissolved in water and poured into a nose pillow device to generate similar concentrations iNO or used as a sinus rinse by
squirting into the nasal passage.

NOTA is confident its NO generating face mask insert and nose pillow can be cost effective tools for mass market self-administered treatment, both prophylactically and at the first signs of infection before viruses get a foothold
in the lower respiratory system.

Strategy and Tactical Plan: NOTA seeks funding and potential partners to fast-track clinical trials of its face mask and nose pillow designs in treating COVID-19 and the annual flu, and to scale production. NOTA’s experienced scientific and business team is led by Mark
E. Meyerhoff, the Philip J. Elving Professor of Chemistry at the University of Michigan and CEO Malcolm Kahn, a seasoned serial entrepreneur.

For Investigational Use Only. Product is not commercially available.