VaBiNOx Nitric Oxide (NO) Generating Face Mask Insert to Treat Viral and Bacterial Infections Including COVID-19, the Annual Flu, Common Cold and Sinusitis

Nitric oxide has been shown to deactivate and/or inhibit viral replication, thereby decreasing both the incidence and severity of viral infections in humans. Increased NO production is part of our body's innate immune system response to various infections and it is currently being researched as a possible treatment for COVID-19. NO's potential as a viricidal agent makes it a treatment candidate for other viruses such as the seasonal flu and the common cold, and also bacterial infections like sinusitis. 

NOTA has developed a proprietary time-release chemical sachet that can generate iNO in a design range of 0.5-5 hours at concentrations up to 100 ppm. The sachet is placed into an N95 face mask (supplied with the VaBiNOx™ treatment kit) as pictured. It is activated by the user's exhaled humid breath, which in turn generates the iNO for subsequent inhalation during normal respiration.

VabiNOx is a low-cost, wearable, self-administered iNO treatment for use at the first sign of infection. It is designed to reduce viral loading by supplementing the body's own production of NO. VabiNOx could also be used prophylactically to prevent infection in healthcare and hospital workers at the beginning and end of each shift, thereby reducing risk of viral infection. It would also be an ideal prophylaxis for family members in close proximity to ill patients at home.

Products are for investigational use only and are not yet commercially available